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A better fnotify.pl for local irssi

For various reasons i run irssi locally on the box that use, i also use fnotify.pl in order to get pretty notifications when someone wants my attention, alas fnotify.pl is designed to be used remotly over ssh, great if you have a load of boxes and don’t run irssi on the box your using. but for people like me it was a bit clunky and annoying (had to run a seperate script to read the files it wrote, the script would often get caught up in gnome sessions without exiting causing lots of scripts to be loaded after several logons)

So i altered the fnotify.pl script to work entirely out of one script (thats loaded into irssi via the normal methods). this has the side effect of only working localy but for anyone else like me, its a rather usefull addition. you’ll need notify-send installed.

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