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Still using metacity?

Okay so the world has gone compiz crazy, but some of us still use metacity (the default gnome window manager, no fancy wobbles), personally i use metacity over compiz simply because its a bit more stable and for a machine that i work at that’s important, when I’m just checking emails or ircing or whatever compiz is great.
The problem with plain ol’ metacity is two-fold, no transparencies and no gpu acceleration – thus stepping in is composite mode :)
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Big games devloper (valve) porting huge game series (half-life 2 orange box) to linux possibly

title says it all folks, from #ubuntu-offtopic

17:06:25 -!- ValveSoft [i=kal@] has joined #ubuntu-offtopic
17:06:35 < ValveSoft> we're recruiting programmers at valve software to port the orange box to linux, if anybody is interested please let me know
17:10:50 < ValveSoft> if you are interested in a linux games programming carrier with valve softwares please post your resume here:
17:06:50 < ValveSoft>
17:10:51 < ValveSoft> thanks.
17:10:54 -!- ValveSoft [i=kal@] has quit []

on its own obviously not much but looking at the job description “Port Windows-based games to the Linux platform.” its starting to look legit, i doubt a troll would just advertise a valve email and leave as well. here’s hoping!