When support requests go bad…

I’m fairly active on the ubuntu support tracker (http://answers.launchpad.net) it generally involves someone saying ‘how can i blah blah blah’ and someone with more experience answers (hopefully fixing their problem, sometimes forwarding to bug reports/blueprints when appropriate). Fairly regularly you get the person who is just complaining, there’s not much you can say to them apart from “we aren’t the complaints desk, we provide answers to questions”, alas sometimes they refuse all help offered and continue on complaining like you personally insulted them. today was one of those days… the following is a true account (link)

Ubuntu 8.04 doesn’t open

I was persuaded to try Ubuntu after bad experiences with MS Vista. This is the worst experience I have had since I started with computers 25 years ago.

I downloaded as told. I clicked to open. The Toshiba CD Writer came up. After much effort I was able to override Vista and make a back up. The file on the back-up is identical to the original – as might be expected – and will not open either.

I have searched the Ubuntu site. Joined the Forum and searched that. Tried to get Live Support but THAT is so damned complicated that I do not understand it. An so on.
Now, after FOUR hours plus the download time I am brassed off with Ubuntu. Surely a simple installation guide if no auto installation is built in would not be too much to ask.

I consider this NOT a BUG but a major deficiency in the process.



Gord Allott said on 2008-05-21:

this an anwser support tracker Rob, what is your support request?

if you are having trouble understanding howto use ubuntu you can watch a screencast of how to install (a video detailing what you do) here: http://screencasts.ubuntu.com/MoS2007/09_Installing_Ubuntu_Part_1

Ralpapajan said on 2008-05-21:

This is amazing. Please read above. When I was considering Ubuntu – mainly because I am from South Africa – I saw a post on the internet in response to a blurb put out comparing Ubuntu to Vista. The poster stated that UNTIL UBUNTU were able set up a system that his grandmother could understand he would never recommennd it to anyone as it has very little in the way of instructions to people who are not computer fundis. I now know what he means. Your site does NOT give any instructions to install the system. Your video does NOT deal with the problem I have. A simple set of instructions and guidance on the Download page would enable people to undertsand the installation. However, in my view, the people who design web sites like to show their superior knowledge and try to confuse people with their jargon.

I cannot explain my problem any more clearly than above. Please read it again. It is simple I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO INSTAL. YOUR SIte does NOT tell me. Your video is a load of waffle and verbiage that takes forever.

My son, who is a fundi told me that I should load an install program. At the moment I am trying to get wubi? to work. Why not put this on to your first page instead of tacking on the end of Other Downloads? Believe me I hate Gates and MS and especially Vista or I wouldn’t be persevering with this. I have spent 7 hours so far on this. And I still have to learn how the system works.

Gord Allott said on 2008-05-21:

please calm down i am a vollenter here and trying to help. what is the actual problem that you are having?

if you refuse to watch the screencast i provided, you can find a guide on installing ubuntu here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation

Ralpapajan said 23 hours ago:

Okay. Believe me I am calm.

I downloaded Ubuntu. I tried to open. It wouldn’t – it only allowed a CD Write. I use Vista. I have a Toshiba. Vista will not allow Toshiba CD Writer to operate. I had to re-configure my LapTop’s settings to allow Vista as Vista reduces a standard CD to less than the memory needed for Ubuntu.

It still wouldn’t open. I serached the Ubuntu site and the forum and there is no instructions anywhere. I used the search function on the Forum and my problem is not shown.

I emailed my son in Canada and he explained what is required.

I am reporting a bug. OK this isn’t a bug it is a complaint about the info being given out. I believe that Ubuntu should put simple install instructions on the Download page for people like me who are NOT fundis. I believe that Wubi should be shown as the required installation program on the download page in a more prominent place. I believe that the Forum should have a Sticky with simple instructions to instal Ubuntu. I believe that the site is NOT conducive to ordinary people using Ubuntu. I believe that Ubuntu should pay attention to people who are not as literate with computers as, for example, you are. I will be keeping my son busy giving me lessons because Unbuntu Forum is too comlicated to follow with too much jargon in it.

I looked at your Screencast – as I said too much waffle and verbiage. To try to understand it is a mission. It is too complex.

Re your latest URL this is a perfect example of what I am saying:

“There are several methods of getting Ubuntu, which releases a new version every six months.

There are two stable versions of Ubuntu available. The Current Stable, and the LTS version. For approximately the first six months after its release, the LTS version and the current stable version are the same.

LTS is an initialism meaning “Long-Term Support”. This means that it is supported for 5 years on servers and 3 years on the desktop. By contrast the stable version is supported for 18 months on both desktop and servers. Neither is inherently more stable than the other. The current stable version is Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon), which was released October 2007. The current Long-Term Support (LTS) version is Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake), which was released June 20″

Right. Apart from having downloaded 8.04 I am already lost. I have absolutely no idea what I am reading. And… from here on it gets complicated.

I buy Windows. I stick it in the computer and it self installs. I can now start using it.

That is the difference. That is my complaint. You cannot answer it. As I was trying to give feedback NOT get an answer.

Thinboy00 said 22 hours ago:

I think you should be complaining to vista that an iso won’t open/burn properly. Don’t tell Bill Gates (et al.) that it’s a linux distro because… he’s Bill Gates and if you can’t switch, that makes him happy. If they won’t help you, try to find another computer to burn it on. If that fails, try requesting a cd from https://shipit.ubuntu.com/ (it won’t cost you a cent).

Ralpapajan said 20 hours ago:

Please! Are you guys English speaking? I am TELLING you that Ubuntu site is crap. That you do not explain properly how to install and you come back with this crap!

Don’t reply – I will stick with MS until I can find an intelligent place to get an operating system.

cancel this membership asap.


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