Big games devloper (valve) porting huge game series (half-life 2 orange box) to linux possibly

title says it all folks, from #ubuntu-offtopic

17:06:25 -!- ValveSoft [i=kal@] has joined #ubuntu-offtopic
17:06:35 < ValveSoft> we're recruiting programmers at valve software to port the orange box to linux, if anybody is interested please let me know
17:10:50 < ValveSoft> if you are interested in a linux games programming carrier with valve softwares please post your resume here:
17:06:50 < ValveSoft>
17:10:51 < ValveSoft> thanks.
17:10:54 -!- ValveSoft [i=kal@] has quit []

on its own obviously not much but looking at the job description “Port Windows-based games to the Linux platform.” its starting to look legit, i doubt a troll would just advertise a valve email and leave as well. here’s hoping!

35 responses to “Big games devloper (valve) porting huge game series (half-life 2 orange box) to linux possibly

  1. The site linked to does confirm it, with “Port Windows-based games to the Linux platform.” listed under job responsibilities.

  2. Looks like you were successfully trolled! First of all, the IP address you quoted is in London, England, not Washington, USA where Valve is located. Second of all, you would have to be quite the dunce to not know how to spell career while spending time recruiting.

    The website is real, of course, and it was first widely publicized on the web back in January.

  3. oh, a clarification, I found an earlier source of the news at LGW from early September 2007

  4. …and ….and!


    Valve screws us again. :(

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  6. resolves to Banglore,

  7. I definitely hope so! I’ve wanted steam ported to linux years ago.
    It provides balanced copyright, no annoying cd media copy protections so if my discs get damaged I am ok. Not to mention, saving on the environment boxed games would have.

    Please, please, please!

  8. Even if the person was pretending to be an employee of Valve, I do know that the linked Valve job website is legit and that page has been up for awhile.

    I don’t know about porting orange box. First they would have to port steam which could be a huge job.

    Eventually Valve will want to expand to multiplatforms as Steam grows both in users, and in game development companies (id, epic…)

  9. That’s the thing, Robin got it right because ID and Epic both support Linux for their game engines if Valve wants their products on their platform they have to make it Linux compatible.

  10. Good to see that iD and Epic have been helping to plant the nasty L word into the heads of game company suits.

  11. And how are they going to sell it? Or we will see the first Linux game on the shelves?

  12. @Robin..

    Steam is already ported to Linux. Has been since day one. It’s used as the content engine for server distribution. There’s no UI component, but that would hardly be a huge challenge.

  13. Yepyep. And I’m probably right in guessing it’ll all be debian-based (to support Ubuntu), as there’s no way in hell Valve will distribute the source for manual compiling.

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  15. like yyw said..
    it’s too obvious it’s a faker..

  16. The IP traces to India. Doubt it was Valve.

  17. So here is what I am seeing when I do a WHOIS query on the IP :
    OrgName: Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
    OrgID: APNIC
    Address: PO Box 2131
    City: Milton
    StateProv: QLD
    PostalCode: 4064
    Country: AU

    Again, I know that everyone is putting in there own two cents, and Im sure that we have all sent an email to Valve wondering, so hopefully some of us will be working together if this is indeed legit :-P

  18. Porting games to Linux would not be as difficult as it would seem depending on your definition of porting. Wine can already run steam and steam games under linux with varying degrees of success and frustration (breaking on updates) and it is just a “compatibility layer”, which makes Linux look like windows to applications and provides them with necessary libraries. With a professional development team able to focus on a single application or game the progress should be much smoother. Thanks Valve and good luck whatever your plans are. I’m just glad they involve Linux in some way.

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  20. I hate Steam. I buy all my games used on ebay for a few bucks, and the no resale policies of Steam mean that I will never get to play Halflife 2 or Portal.

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  23. If this is legit, and the orange box was ported, I’d definitely buy it.

  24. That is so good to hear, hope it goes through. Gaming and PS only stopping me being full time linux user

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  28. This is old news. It doesn’t become new just because you found it yesterday. Nice work, Sherlock.

  29. Im part of this project and I can say that we are working on it day in and day out

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