Starting to look good…

Goom is a crap visualiser (the one that ships with with totem when you play music via totem, its also in rhythmbox iirc).. it just is. and the other day i wanted to just listen to some music and have something nice to look at while I did. unfortunatly i couldn’t find any such thing so this weekend i got off my arse and started coding. heres a sneak peak:


I think it looks kind of neat :) its hardware accelerated unlike the rubbish goom which is done in software and re-sized via the xv extension. i really hope i can stay focused on this, we free software people really need better multimedia support and id love to finally get contributing to free software projects instead of having 20 odd folders in my ‘projects’ directory that are full of half finished stuff.

just in the process of converting it to C instead of C++ (only used C++ to prototype it really, saves me having to think about system design) and then hopefully integrating it with gstreamer. also if anyone happens to know anyone who knows a thing or two about spectrograms point them in my direction ;).


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