OpenSource/FreeSoftware games are possible… maybe

I just thought I would point out something that sounds very exciting, In the same vein as the Orange Movie Project (Elephants dream) the Blender guys are teaming up with the Free software game engine Crystal Space and the community that revolves around it to develop an open source game.

Its as far as i can tell going to be developed much like Elephants dream was, 5-7 people or so get together in a city somewhere (Amsterdam usually, the Netherlands funds these things well) and take 9 months to make something. There is a good amount of money invested into it (over 50K at the moment) and I am sure some very talented people will be working on it. If there is one thing i know about blender, its that they can get things done and they get them done well so I am expecting something very good, something to show off that the tools, resources and quality of software are good enough now in the free software world for the idea of free software games (or at least open source) to be a viable and cost efficient solution.


Also on another very happy note there is another movie project in development by the Blender guys, something to look forward to when it gets finished :) linky


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