Ubuntu-UK represents Ubuntu

On the topic of the CoC and !language I would like to bring up the idea that we people who form the Ubuntu-UK team are representing Ubuntu, we are the UK arm of the great mutant-octopus known as the Ubuntu community, as a consequence of this I feel that we should publicly act in a way that represents this, which does indeed mean putting your formal face on when appropriate (meetings and such) and of course representing the ideals of the Ubuntu CoC.

There should be an awareness of the need for respect and tolerance towards others, which does indeed mean no offensive language or anything which may reasonably be construed as offensive or hostile. For example a use case:

Mary enters #ubuntu-uk looking for help and support with her wifi card, A non-hostile but heated debate is already taking place at the moment with people using what Mary construes as offensive language. Mary instead of asking for help looks else where because of the perceived hostile nature of the channel.

There are many places on IRC and the Internet in general where people can go to say whatever they like but for as long as Ubuntu-UK is representing Ubuntu I personally feel that we should not act in a manner which may lead to the situation outlined above.


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