The best games you will find in the Ubuntu Feisty Repositories (in no particular order)

*Note although there are other games that are good, im only mentioning ones that have changed in some significant way from the version included with 6.10

  • Battle for Wesnoth
    Battle for Wesnoth is in my opinion the only truly professional quality free software game, whilst many games are of a high quality, non have yet seemed to go the extra mile that Battle for Wesnoth has. It is in essence a Turn Based Strategy game, you start off with control of one castle from which you can create units and you gain resources (money) by capturing villages which dot the map upon which the battles take place. Quite simple in its premise but that is one of the features that has let Battle for Wesnoth concentrate on the core game rather than adding every other crazy feature that you or your mum wants. Where it really shines though is its multiplayer, known for its sometimes extremely long games, you can often find yourself on the brink of extinction after 4 hours of fighting your friends over the Internet.The graphics in Battle for Wesnoth are of a high quality, although its created in 2d, the 2d graphics are the best 2d graphics I have personally seen in any 2d free software game, the graphics before now had a somewhat “anime” look (which can still be seen in the portraits of the units) but constant revision which is the core of free software has lead to some very nice looking graphics that get better every release. The sound is equally impressive with music that would not sound out of place in the stunning elder scrolls series of games.
  • XMoto
    XMoto is a simple 2d ‘motocross’ game that is really all about the balancing physics of the motorbike you control, before the Feisty release I would not of given it a mention but the version included in Feisty includes a feature that lets you download many many new maps automatically from the Internet (well over 600).
    The premise is rather simple, control your bike along a varying landscape, collecting the strawberry’s you encounter whist all the time making sure not to fall off. Sounds a lot easier than it actually is, in reality the bike is often very hard to control (which is not made easier by the courses which make you fit though small holes and perform tricks that would make evil knievel blush), the physics are always believable though so no matter how hard it is to accomplish your goal you keep coming back to try, try again.
  • FreeCiv
    FreeCiv is a recreation of the very popular Civilisation and Civilisation II games from days-gone-by. I personally was never very much into this type of game but even I can see that this is a very good game for those who are so inclined.
    Essentially you are the leader of a new civilisation, from the ancient Romans to the Egyptians. You start with a single settlers unit (which can found a city) and a number of scouting units and from that small beginning you create an empire towards one of the goals (Peace all over the world, domination over all the other civilisations, First to build a space-ship to fly to another world to start a civilisation there). You generally start at the beginning of civilisation where your people can barely bang two coconuts together and though funding research reach the pinnacle of technology (which of course lets you create bigger weapons upon which you can smite your enemy’s).
    With the version included with Feisty you can use the FreeLand tile-set which looks gorgeous
  • OpenArena
    Not so long ago John Carmak, coder extraordinaire and lead geek at ID Software (famous for its First Person Shooters that always have nice linux versions :)) released the source code for Quake3 Arena under the gpl, giving the free software world a fantastic free software game engine, which admittedly is no Unreal 3 killer graphically, it does the job well enough :) Once this happened some nice folks decided to get together and re-create the Quake 3 Arena game content, thus creating a completely Free Software version of Quake 3 Arena, which seems to be coming along swimmingly, with the version that is included in Feisty it includes 6-7 maps or so with several player models to choose from and full AI Bot support.
    For those not in the know the style of Quake 3 Arena is not like the other Quake games, instead of being a traditional single player First Person Shooter it instead just implements the on line ‘deathmatch’ aspect of First Person Shooters, it still gives you AI controlled Bots to play against if you don’t want to play against people on the Internet, but its primarily designed for online play. it features in its current implementation four game modes, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Tournament and Capture the Flag.

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