Dell just paying lip-service to the linux crowd?

Apparently according to a recent slashdot post (always best to take them with a pinch of salt) Dell are defiantly going to offer Linux preinstalled laptops in the future, but is this really the big step forward most people would like it to be or is it merely paying lip service to the large amount of people demanding it.

The way I perceive this happening is Dell offering Linux preinstalled on a select few laptops. merely to stem the tide of complaints/Windows refunds. What I would prefer (and anything less is not going to get me excited) is a full roll out of Linux pre-install options on most if not all Dell laptops with Dell investing in the future of Linux by pressuring component manufacturer’s to make their chips and such Linux friendly, Not to mention the obvious support networks that are needed to support Linux in this sort of manner need to be put into place.

I fail to see personally how the former scenario is anything to get excited about at all. I suppose you could say that Dell getting ‘used’ to Linux is a plus and maybe in the future they will offer some sort of full roll out, but after so many baby steps towards a more popular Linux failing, I just don’t see it.


One response to “Dell just paying lip-service to the linux crowd?

  1. I doubt they will EVER offer a full roll out, its un-economical for a company of Dell’s size, it will cost more employee time than I’m sure their willing to part with.

    Most geeks get their laptops from IBM anyway.

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